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How To Make Your Car Exhaust Backfire In Forza 4

Backfire happens when unburnt fuel gets ignited by the hot temperature trapped inside is car exhaust system. Backfire from a car exhaust looks and sounds cool and because Forza Motorsport 4 is a truly based racing simulator, you can hear pops/bangs and see flames backfire from the aftermarket racing exhaust fitted to the cars in the game. Also fitting a racing exhaust modification will also make your car sound more louder and raspy. When you accelerate around 5000-6000 rpm and let go of the gas, the car exhaust will backfire flames like crazy! Doing that with your car on a circuit track like 'Fujimi Kadio' that has a long tunnel sounds crazy and is very addictive experience!

1) Select the car you want to modify to get the backfire sound from the car exhaust.

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