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How To Stop & Prevent Headphones Leaking Sound

If you have a pair of Dr Dre Beats headphones to listen to music in public places and you have the volume level cranked up all the way on your mp3 player, they will leak sound out into the surroundings. This can become annoying for other people around you because they can hear your music blasting out loud and may find it disturbing. To get around this, you would usually have no choice but to lower the volume levels on your mp3 player.

But, if you like listening to your music with the maximum volume, then you would probably not get your satisfaction out of it, since you can't feel the subwoofer bass. Well thankfully, I have got a way around this and you can still listen to loud volume levels with minimum sound leakage. This can be accomplished with a simple modification made to your headphones. The modification will prevent the sound escaping from the air ventilation vents, therefore reducing the amount of sound leakage that can heard.

1) Get hold of some PVC electrical insulation tape, you know the tape that is used to wrap around exposed wire connections. This tape is the most appropriate to use because if you want to sell your headphones to somebody, you can always remove it easily, without having the paint come of the headphones. Also you can purchase different colors, so you can use tape that matches the outer-plastic of your headphones to give it a stealthy look.

2) You will need to locate the air ventilation vents on the headphone ear cups. They are usually located on the outer plastic of the headphones housing and look like small holes or lines.

3) Once you have found the air ventilation vents, using a pair of scissors cut of the correct amount of tape required to cover up all of the exposed vents found on one ear cup. Cut two pieces of tape that is the same length, since you will be needing the other piece for the other ear cup. The length of the required tape can vary depending on the particular type of headphones you are modding.

4) Using your finger, carefully line up the tape with the vents and press it down. Go over the tape with your finger, so all areas of the tape are stuck down properly and securely. Now that you have sealed the vents on one side, the sound has to were to go, so problem solved! Once you have finished modifying the ear cup, you will need to do the same for the ear cup on the other side.
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  1. Does covering the air vents potentially damage certain parts of the headphones?

  2. Can the modification be done by disassembling the cups and sealing it from the inside? Will it pose a potential problem or are the vents essential for the proper functioning of the headphone set ?

  3. Will Vinyl plastic electrical tape work just as well at insulating the sound ?


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