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How To Clean a PS2 Slimline Laser Lens Without Opening The Console

The PlayStation 2 console uses a laser lens to read data of game discs and DVD movies in order to make them functional. After extensive use of the Sony PS2 console, the laser lens will become dusty and dirty from everyday use. This causes the laser lens to have difficulty reading discs and the console will start to give disc read errors onscreen. If you own a PS2 slimline model, you are lucky because you don't have to dissemble the complete console to clean the laser lens, like you do with the fat bulky console. This is because the laser lens can be exposed by pressing the eject button to open the disc flap, so you won't void any warranty with the manufacturer. Usually, giving the laser lens a quick clean will restore its ability to read discs like new, but if your console is still giving you errors, the laser is probably burnt out and will need replacing.

1) Power off your PS2 console by holding down the 'Power' button for 4 seconds. This will power off the console and will put it into standby mode, making it safe for you to perform the maintenance.

2) Press the 'Eject' button, so the disc flap can open. If a game disc is already inserted into the console remove it because you will need to gain access to the laser lens. The laser lens looks like a small blue colored eye in metal housing.

3) Then Obtain a bottle of 'Rubbing Alcohol' from your local hardware store. This is a special liquid that is solvent free that works wonders when it comes to cleaning electronics. Then unscrew the 'Cap' from the bottle and pour a sensible amount of liquid onto a 'Cotton Bud'.

4) Now using the wet side of the 'Cotton Bud', gently clean the laser lens upwards and downwards a few times. Don't press down too hard or clean in fast circular motion because you won't clean it any better, in fact you can cause scratches on the lens so be careful!
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