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How To Stop Door Hinges From Squeaking & Creaking Usign WD40

Doors in your home use metal hinges to allow them to open and close. The hinges eventually become stiff and rusty, due to wear and tear over the years of them constantly working. When this happens, the hinges will become noisy and will squeak or creak when you open or close your door. This happens because the hinges are not lubricated and friction is causing them noises to appear. Squeaking doors in your home can cause lots of frustration and can get on your nerves, especially if you open your windows to let fresh air in during summer. So the best way to stop door hinges from squeaking is to apply an oil based lubricant spray like WD40. WD40 is a lubricant spray in a can, which contains a special formula that lubricates and protects the surface that it's sprayed onto. When this lubricant is sprayed onto the hinges, it will loosen them up slightly, making the hinges move more freely, getting rid of the squeaking noise.

 What to do about a Squeaky Door Hinge

1) Attach the small red color 'Straw' that is provided with can of WD40 spray. Attaching the straw will keep things tidy when spraying because it prevents the spray going all over the place and in one direction.

2) Most doors have two metal hinges that hold the door in place to its frame, one at the top and the other at the bottom. So open the door fully, so you can easily access the door hinges. Now using the can of WD40 spray, point the straw in the direction of the top hinge and spray. Once you have done that, do the same procedure for the second metal hinge found at the bottom.

3) When you have finished applying the lubricant spray onto both door hinges, open and close the door a few times for the lubricate to work. If you still hear the squeaking sound, apply some more WD40 spray onto the hinges until the sound as been eliminated completely.
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