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How To Clean Xbox 360 Cooling Fans Without Opening Console

xbox 360 fan clean

If your Xbox 360 is overheating really quickly and is shutting off, you may need to clean the internal fans. This is because overtime dust and dirt can get built up inside the back. This can cause problems with the fans getting rid of the heat inside the console. The best way would be to clean the dust out of the Xbox 360 without opening it. There are two fans that are located at the back on the right hand side of the original style model. On the slim model the fan is located on the top. You can get a better clean by opening it, however you might not have the tools or screwdrivers in your household. You can quickly clean the xbox 360 cooling fans without opening the console. All you need is a can of compressed air from your local computer electronics store and a vacuum cleaner. 

1) Power off your console.

2) Unplug all of the wires that are going into the back of it.

3) Attach the straw to the can of compressed air.

4) Pointing the straw towards the air vents placed on the back housing the fans, give a few gentle blasts around the area.

5) There will be left over dust floating about at the rear of the console. You can use a vaccum cleaner to get rid of this.
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