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How To Fix Loose USB Phone Charger Wire Using PAPER

fix wobbly charger port with paper

If the micro usb port is loose on your phone and is not charging, you will always get an unreliable charge. It is hassle moving around the charger wire to get a stable charge. Most of the time replacing the USB charger cable will not fix this issue. This is because its related to the actual port on the phone or tablet. Its probably worn out due to over use of constant plugging and unplugging during the years. Its a tricky job to actually replace it because of all the little solder points you will have to make. Unless you got the time, patients and soldering skills, its not going to be easy to repair this problem yourself.

a4 notepad

The best way to fix a loose usb phone charger wire is to use paper. Yes thats right paper, you simply slip it in and it gives the connector a tighter fit inside the port. It really does work, i have tried it on a few old Samsung Galaxy s3 phones and works a treat. The best thing about fixing a loose usb connector port it its totally free.

1) Unplug the USB charger from the port.

2) Tear a small piece of paper and fold it into two halfs.

3) Slide the paper just underneath the charger connector with pins on inside the port.

4) Plug in your charger. You will notice it will take a bit more force than usual to plug it in. This is a good sign because it indicates a secure connection.
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