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How To Get More Bass From Portable Speakers

make your portable nokia speakers have more bass

Most devices are certainly limited to how much sound they can produce simply for their size. In most cases, portable speakers provide a better sound as they have bigger speakers and an external amp to back them up. If you notice that you are not getting enough bass from your portable speakers, there are a few things that you can do to get that extra boom. These tips work for all portable speakers and have worked on my good old Nokia MD6 speakers. Give them a try and let us know if they work for you.

1) Insert new batteries. If you are using old dead AA batteries that you have just taken for a remote control or have got like 50 in a pack from your local pound store, the performance of your speakers will not be that great. For portable speaker to have good bass, you need good batteries so the little internal amplifier can get the right amount of voltage. I always find that rechargeable batteries work better for portable speakers for either Duracell or Uniross. 

2) Getting into the Equalizer. In most cases, what people do is simply plug in their portable speakers into their mp3 player or smartphone and call it a day. Most music players interferences have an built in equalizer that allow you to control the bass and treble. Try increase the sliders towards the left if you want more bass. Portable speakers tend to response the best around 100-200 HZ region, as they can't produce sub bass below 60HZ anyway.

3) Weak inline. All devices have their own headphone lineout amplifier inside them, some provide a strong louder signal than others. Make sure you put the volume full from the device. If you want a big boost and make your portable speakers louder, what you can do is connect a headphone amp inline with your portable speakers. So device > headphone amp > into portable speakers. Fiio make create small amps such as the Fiio E5 and E6. Its small and compact, it gives you a boost in volume and also has bass booster features on it.

So i hope these tips get you that extra bass that you are looking for this summer out of your portable speakers. If you have any other ideas please let us know and we will add them in.
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