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How To Hard Reset Nokia 8800 To Factory Settings

nokia 8800 hard reset

You might find that you want to reset your Nokia 8800 phone if you are trading it in to a mobile phone shop or giving it to a new owner. This will delete everything that is on the phone, so please ensure that you make a note of important contacts and copying anything you want to keep onto a memory card. Once you have done a factory hard reset on your Nokia 8800 the data will be wiped off. Its very easy to hard reset a Nokia 8800 as follows:

1) Make sure the phone is switched on.

2) Hold the following buttons *, 3 and call button together all at the same time. 

3) Press the power button.

4) Holding down these buttons for a few seconds. You should see the Nokia logo appear on the screen.

5) The Nokia 8800 might ask for a lock code to restore it to factory settings, this is 12345 as default unless it’s been changed.

6) Your Nokia 8800 will now be hard reset back to factory settings.
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