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4 Top Tips To Stop Your Phone Freezing Up

From time to time mobile phones devices tend to crash and malfunction.Phone freezing happens quite often and is most common on latest touchscreen mobile phones like the Htc.Mobile phones are similar to home computers or laptops.Mobile phones run operating systems like pc's,like the new nokia n8 rums symbian,they are programed like computers these days.Freezing and crashing can happen for a number of reasons, sometimes your phone might need re flashing.Flashing means that the firmware is deleted and then re installed on to the cell phone.This can fix restating problems and bugs that you have previously experienced.

First tip is to get your mobile phone updated with the latest up to date firmware.From time to time new firmware's are released,with fixed bugs,speed improvements and new features.So updating your firmware frequently is good and keeps everything updated.You can currently update Nokia,Sony Errcison and Motorola brands.I updated my Nokia n97 and its does not freeze any more thank you Nokia!:)

Second tip is to delete applications,games,wallpapers,images,videos,themes that you don't use any more.These take up lots of memory up on the memory card or phone memory,depending on were they are saved.This will freshen up your phone and speed things up and stop it from crashing etc....

Third tip is when your phone is frozen up or just crashed on you,take the battery pack out,without turning of the phone.Leave the battery out for 30 seconds and them put the battery back in and turn on the mobile device,this will prevent freezing from happening again.This is a very good way to a instant fix of this freezing issue.

Fourth tip is to go to settings in your phone and reset the device.See your manufacture's manual for guidance and instructions.Resetting makes the phone reboot again,and its easy than flashing the mobile phone.If this does not work then move on to flashing the mobile phone.Make sure you back up all your saved stuff before resetting you could loose it all.

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  1. Thank u sooo was very helpful

    1. I need help everytime i cut on the phone the samsung sign freezes up

    2. same as mine :/

  2. i hav a canvas hd from micromax i had already reset my phn but it didnt work flashing booting also didnt work i complained it in service centr but they said it is working fine but it wasnt wat to do any suggestions and my phn is just a month old

    1. It could be a defective touch screen and booting into safemode. Phone needs to be warrantied out


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