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How to fix Motorola Defy ear speaker issue

The Motorola Defy is a great mobile phone with great reviews and more new features thanks to the new software update just being released.The only bad thing about the handset is that many customers who own this phone are experiencing ear speaker issues.The fault was common with a few days of make calls on the Defy the ear speaker no longer worked unless the turned on the loudspeaker on instead.So the only way to listen to your calls is using the loudspeaker.This is no good if you don't want others listen into your conversations.

How to fix it then?
Well the first think that you could do get it working again is to update the phone to the latest firmware.Older firmware version have old features and annoying bugs and terrible glitches.The speaker problem is caused by a manufacturing defect when the part was made in production was made wrongly.So try updating it first,if that does not work then you have to order a brand new ear piece speaker and tear up the phone apart because that is the only way you can fix it.
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  1. Where can I buy the earphone speaker for the defy? Can anyone help,thanks.

  2. Re: Paul - The stock earpiece in the Defy has flat, non-spring loaded contacts and so replacing with another of this part will likely lead to the issue recurring. Instead, use a replacement earpiece from a Sony Ericsson K850i, which is the same physical size as the Defy one, but has the spring loaded pins that will save you future headaches - you can just google for the part and order it online. Then follow this guide, and you're lauging. Also, with the different speaker, the phone wont be as waterproof, so don't take it swimming!

  3. I replace mine with OEM once it took 1 day and it crap out again... now I'll give this a shot (sony K850i speaker, just want to know if it's still working? the replacement of sony k850i...pls advise

  4. I just did this fix myself. Look on ebay for the defy speaker replacement. I got mine from Hong Kong for less than $5 with free postage.

    Then look for a Defy disassembly video on youtube to give you some idea on how to pull the phone apart.

    Once the phone is apart and you can see the ear piece I found that using a small flat blade jewellers screw driver to pry the ear piece out worked best as it is glued in to the phone housing. It takes a little bit but it will pop out if you persist.

    Job should take less than 30 mins total. Word of advice when putting the case back together the charge port is a bit of a trick to get the housing to slide over. I found I had to let the logic board hang open away from the phone body a wee bit to allow the outer case to go over the charge port dock and then sandwich the 2 halves of the case together before putting the screws back in.

    Try it it is not that hard, much easier than an iphone to pull apart and repair which I have also done.

    Good luck.

  5. I have access to 2 Motorola Defy's. My one went back to Motorola for the 'Earpiece' fix after 6 months and I didn't get it back for nearly a month, appaling after sales service for a well documented fault.
    My wife also has a Defy which developed the fault after 3 months, but she wasn't about to lose the 'phone for a month. I bought a replacement earpiece and fitted it, but the volume level was about 1/3 of what it should have been.
    To cut a long story short, I swapped the front of my Defy with hers so that she had the 'good' earpiece and after a number of replacement earpieces for my unit, from different sources, all with the same result, including the K850i replacement, which you have to cut the end lugs off by the way, I delved further into the problem.
    One thing I was suprised about with my original replacement was that the rear cover was replaced, and the rear cover holds the jack socket and there was some chatter on the forums about the jack socket. Bearing this in mind, I tweaked the contacts to the earpiece and the to the jack socket in an effort to get better contact and lo and befold, the problem is no more.
    Don't get bogged down with the earpiece, there may well be other things, such as the jack socket, contributing to the problem.

  6. My friend experience same problem here. Thanks for posting this. I could really share this post to her.

  7. I think the best thing do is upgrade the OS of the phone.

    This worked for me -


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