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How to fix a Nokia X3 white screen of death problem

Many people who own a Nokia x3 after a few weeks turn on there mobile phone the next morning and get a blank white screen displayed on there screen after the Nokia logo appears.There are many reasons that can cause this problem and there are a some easy solutions to fix it that are below:

1)Take the battery out for 30 seconds and put the battery back in and turn on the phone.

2)Try the hard reset method.To hard reset your x6 type in *#7370# into the keypad or you can hold theses buttons which are * and 3 and the green call button and power on the device.This should do the trick as it resets your firmware back to original shape and form.

3)Try to update the software version of the x3, using Nokia software updater and a usb cable.If there is no newer firmware update for your product code then you will get a option to re install the same firmware again.If you do get a option to re install the firmware you have two options:

1)Quit Nokia software updater and change your product code to a code that has the latest update available.
2)Re install the same firmware again and see if you still get the black screen.

4)Change the ribbon cable as it can always cause a white screen on any mobile phone.A ribbon cable is a cable that connects the top circuit board to the bottom circuit board, if its damaged it could be the cause for your x3 to display a white screen trust me.

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