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How to make mobile phone Internet faster?

1)Do you have good signal? The more signal strength shown on your phone the more faster your Internet will be.If you are getting a strong signal then it is because the phone mast and your mobile phone are closer together.If you have weaker signal you could search the network operator manually or change you network provider its that simple.

2)Update your mobile to the latest firmware can help or fix bugs that can slow down Internet speed or improve the phones Internet browser.

3)Change your Internet browser and switch to opera mini or Mozilla Firefox.These Internet browsers are proven to be faster but you got to see for yourself.

4)Delete files and folders on your mobile phone that you no longer need or use.This can free up some ram and help to reduce the Internet browser from lagging and from slowing down when uploading or downloading web pages.

5)Switch from the 2g to 3g network.2g stands for second generation and does not have good Internet speeds or a video calling feature and has poor call quality.3g however has better & faster Internet speeds, a video calling feature and better call quality.

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  1. i connect my mobile on pc internet is very slow pls make it faster

  2. Give me money. I will switch from 2G to 3G.


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