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How to make your car exhaust backfire and pop?

A car exhaust will backfire and pop with a flame because if the unburned fuel that is left remaining in the car engines cylinders, enters the exhaust. Once the unburned fuel has enter the exhaust, the fuel will ignite. If you want to make your car exhaust backfire and pop, when you are downshifting or letting go of the gas pedal, all the possible ways to do that are provided below:

1)Upgrade your car exhaust system is the best way to go because a stock exhaust system is not meant for making the car exhaust backfire and pop, as it restricts unburned fuel getting into the exhaust. If you want to make your car backfire with a stock exhaust it will not backfire and pop. If you continue to use the stock exhaust on your car, to hear the backfiring and popping especially and you have done the spark plugs trick, you are very likely to blow the exhaust off the car!

2)Do you have a uprated fuel pump? If no is the answer, then replacing it with an uprated fuel pump will help to make your car backfire and pop! This is because the uprated fuel pump allows the injectors to squirt more fuel out.

3)Apply some supporting mods, such as a blow off valve, for turbo charged cars only, upgraded cams and injectors and a cold air intake. More power gives a louder backfire and popping sound. Once you have applied the supporting mods to your car's engine, finally get a ecu remap, to gain massive amounts of engine power.

4)Remove the car's catalyst converter and replace it will a straight or down pipe. Doing this will make the pop sound louder and will make your car exhaust more raspy and sound mean as well! This is because the catalyst converter causes lower restrictions.

5)Remove the rear car exhaust silencer.
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  1. Intake headers exhaust should be enough with the catalytic converter. I also had msd coils and ngkr spark plugs at the time on my svt 04 focus. popped small flames with those mods alone and the pop was loud, was controlled at will any gear when down shifting or shifting in general at 2-3k rpm. those were the early mods but this should apply to any car, it definitely did with my integra, and gli vw in the past.

  2. My sister recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!Car Exhaust Systems

  3. Modify the ecu. At least that's my plan. 2003 mini cooper s has little to no pops with extra muffler removed, but the 2005 mini cooper s and I think its 2011 mini cooper s have different ecu settings than other years so it allows extra passage of fuel creating pops

  4. I plan on just running a straight pipe, and doing some work on the PCM with Tunercats (OBD1). If needed, I can install a Boost-A-Pump. Maybe a new set of fuel injectors will be needed, though I really doubt I can get any bigger ones for the specific vehicle I am working on.


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