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How to protect a car tweeter from getting damaged and increase it's life span

Tweeters can get damaged if not wired up correctly with the right components to separate sound, so its ideal to protect the tweeter first, using either a crossover or a capacitor. Usually a tweeter gets damaged because bass frequencies were sent to it, instead of the high frequencies, which damages the voice coil. So be the smart one and protect the tweeters, before the damaged it done to them

Most tweeters get damaged because they were playing bass frequencies instead of sounding high frequencies. To prevent this from happening, you can use a car audio crossover. A crossover circuit is a device that you hook up to your tweeters and speakers. Its job is to send separate audio frequencies separately to the speaker and tweeter. It sends the high pitched sounds to the tweeters and the mid range sounds to the woofer, so it basically organizes which sound frequencies go were. If you got the money to buy a crossover, its the best option as it increase sound quality!

If you can't afford a crossover, you can still protect the tweeters by soldering a non polarized capacitor onto the positive (+) terminal on the tweeters. The non polarized capacitor filters out mid and low frequencies, this prevents the tweeters from getting damaged because they can't play bass. Its a much cheaper option than buying and then fitting a crossover to your car's audio system and it works great.
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