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How To Wire Tweeters In A Car, Without Using A Crossover

To gain the best sound quality out of your car tweeters, you must connect them to a passive or active crossover. What a crossover does is sends different sounding frequencies to separate outputs. For example the mid range sounds go to the speakers and the high pitched sounds are sent to the tweeters. Still you gain similar sounding quality without using a crossover, as i explain how below.

Below is a guide that will explain how you can install them without a crossover:

1)Get both car tweeters and get hold of two small electrical capacitors. If you don't want to buy them, you can find them in broken car amplifiers and car head units. What a capacitor will do is filter out the bass frequencies and increase the volume clarity and reduce distortion.

2)Get you capacitor and solder one leg to the positive terminal onto the tweeter and solder the other leg onto the  positive end of the speaker wire, doing this for both of them.

3)Solder the negative ends of the speaker wire onto the negative terminal of both tweeters.

4)Connect the positive and negative wires onto your car speaker terminals. Repeat the same process for your other car speaker and tweeter.
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  1. What is the right capacity of the capacitor?

    1. It depends on the impedance of the tweeter (probably 4 ohms) and the lowest frequency you want to let it "see". Calculate C=1/(2*pi*f*R)
      C=capacity in Farads
      pi=3.142 approx
      f=lowest frequency
      R=tweeter impedance in ohms

  2. How do you get the capacitor out of the car head unit


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