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How To Fix a Nokia C7 That Won't Turn On

If your Nokia c7 is failing to power on and it won't turn on, then apply the possible solutions below:

1)Check if you charger is working on a different Nokia mobile, sometimes the charging doesn't work and tricking you into thinking your mobile phone is faulty.

2)Hard reset the Nokia c7.

2)You can't update the firmware on the c7, when the Nokia c7 is switched off. So i suggest you use JAF a great flashing tool, to flash the firmware of the c7 in dead usb mode. On most occasions, many Nokia phones that i have come across, fail to power on because of faulty firmware.

3)Replace the power button.

3)Replace the battery pack.

3)Replace the charging block.
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  1. my c7 wont rotae my pictures

  2. thank you for the info now where can I get the JAF tool and how do I I use it. My C7 doesn't turn on neither reacts to trying to hard reset it.any comments would be very aprecciated.


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