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How To Make Your Car Accelerate Faster

If you are wanting to make your car pick up speed more quicker, make it accelerate more faster, then all the possible ways on how to make that happen are all below:

1)Carry out a weight reduction removal to your car. This can involve removing items in the car that add extra weight, which can make your car's accelerations slow and laggy. Removing items such as, spare car tyre, rear and passenger seats and carpets etc, can help make your car's acceleration faster.

2)Add these inexpensive modifications to your car, that are below:

*A cold air intake.
*A performance exhaust.
*Nitrous oxide injection system.

Once the three modifications, that are listed above this text are applied to your car's engine, get a ecu remap and your car should be much more faster.

3)Improve you car's aerodynamics, even a rear spoiler can help.

4)If your car has a manual transmission gearbox, practise how to take off quickly, using the clutch efficiently.
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