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How To Repair a Samsung Galaxy S Screen

If you own a Samsung Galaxy and the screen is not responding and not working properly, you can send it to Samsung to repair the problem for you, but it won't be cheap! If you have good knowledge with electronics and handy work, then you might consider yourself to repair the screen yourself, if money is an issue for you. To carry out the repair, you need to buy a replacement screen that contains installation tools from Amazon or any other website.

I carry out repairs on many mobile phones, daily i get many Samsung Galaxys with faulty screens and the only way to fix them is to replace the screen. Dissembling the mobile phone to get access to the screen is not as easy as it sounds, so i have provided some instructions for your own good below:

1)You will need to remove the back plate, battery pack, sim card and if you have a memory installed into the device, remove that also.

2)Using a screwdriver, remove all the screws that are located on the rear of the mobile phone.

3)Remove the motherboard guard, the guard is place so it doesn't get damaged if you drop the mobile phone. To remove the motherboard guard with ease, use the prying tool that came with your replacement screen. If it didn't come with one, you can use a small flat screwdriver instead.

4)Disconnect the ribbon cable that connects to the screen, located near the memory card slot.

5)Using the prying tool or flat head screwdriver, pry out the screen from the housing. There will be loads of dried glue to hold the screen in place, so you would need to pry with effort to remove the screen.

6)Using your fingers, remove the bottom part of the screen and slowly pry out the screen from the housing.

7)Once the screen is removed, remove all the excess glue with a flat head screwdriver found on the housing.

8)Place the replacement screen on the housing with the cable going through and connect the cable found on the other side. Replace the battery and sim card and test if the replacement screen is working, if it is working, then continue the procedure.

9)Using glue, glue the replacement screen onto the housing.
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  1. what type of glue do you use and where can you get it from


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