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How To Fix a Lawnmower Pull Start Cord That Is Stuck

If you have an petrol lawnmower and you can't start it because the cord that you pull to start the engine is stuck, that can be a problem. If the cord is stuck, the lawnmower engine simply will not start up. Usually the main reason why the start cord gets stuck inside the cord housing is because it gets tangled and knotted inside the recoil.

To fix this problem, you will need to dissemble the cord housing and remove it to get access to the recoil. Once it is removed, you will to remove the start cord from the circular shaped recoil.

1)Once the start cord is removed, you then need to untangle the cord and undo any knot's, that are found in the pull start cord in the recoil.

2)Once you have made the start cord knot and tangled free, then replace the start cord back into the recoil. To test if the start cord pulls, pull the start cord handle to make sure the recoil operates correctly.

3)Once you have done that, replace the recoil back onto the lawnmower engine, using the appropriates tools.
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