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How To Hard Reset a Nokia 6500 To Factory Settings

If you want to hard reset your Nokia 6500 slide or classic mobile phone to factory settings and wipe all the data that's on the phone both inn one go, below are the exact instructions on how to do so:

NOTE: Hard resetting your Nokia 6500 will not remove any security lock codes that are placed on the phone.

Unfortunately, Nokia didn't make a hard reset code for the Nokia 6500, as the only made a soft reset code, so below are instructions as an alternative to hard reset a Nokia 6500:

1)If your Nokia 6500 is powered on, then power it off.

2)Once the Nokia 6500 is turned off, you will need to press down the following buttons: green call button + * button + 3 button and keep pressing all three down until a message displays on the phone's screen saying 'Formatting'. Once it says that on the screen, you can let go of holding them buttons.

3)Your Nokia 6500 will be in the process of hard resting itself, when it is finished, your mobile phone will reboot and will ask you to insert the correct data and time.
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  1. this trick works well in most of the old symbian mobiles, dont know abt new ones never tried!

  2. Is that format incl.SIM card?

  3. Is that trick also erase SIM card?

  4. Bu telefon Java veri tabanlıdır format atılmaz


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