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How To Fix a Disc Stuck Inside Nintendo Wii Drive Inside The Console

If you have inserted a disc into the disc drive inside the Nintendo wii console and it doesn't come out when you eject the disc, then it is stuck. This can happen because the Nintendo wii has been unplugged and turned off, when the disc is half way in the disc slot. If this is the situation, then i have two excellent methods that are listed below that should remove the disc:

Method 1:

Well you can try to remove the disc yourself, without having to send the console to Nintendo. All you need to do is power on your Nintendo wii console. Then turn the console upside down, the disc slot facing the direction of the floor. Then press the eject button rapidly and the disc hopefully should become unstuck from the disc drive and eject itself.

Method 2:

Unplug the Nintendo wii from the electrical outlet, and then plug it back into the electrical outlet. Then power on the Nintendo wii, this is by pressing the power button. Now hold down the eject button for 12 seconds, the disc should remove itself from the disc drive. If not, then hold down the power button for 12 seconds and the eject button again.

If none of them methods work to remove a stuck disc inside your Ninendo wii's disc drive, then the best thing is to call Nintendo customer service. But if your console is still under warranty, then you can exchange it with a brand new replacement wii.

Nintendo customer service telephone contact number: +44 (0)845 60 50 247
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