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How To Clean Out & Unclog a Dity Clogged Car Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is fitted into a car engine to stop impurities occurring in the fuel or from older fuel in the tank, from reaching the car engine. If the fuel filter becomes dirty and clogged, it can make your car shake at idle, your car will frequently stall, it will also struggle to start up and the power and performance will be certainly decreased. So you could replace clogged fuel filter, or you could clean it, which is easy for anybody to do and is free.


1)Locate the fuel line, it comes into the car fuel injector and carburetor, then trace the fuel line and it will lead you to the fuel filter. The fuel filter looks like a small cylinder shape canister. that can be made either from metal or plastic.

2)Once you have found the fuel filter, screw the hose clamps onto the fuel line about 5 inches away from the actual filter, on both entrance and exit hoses.

3)Then tighten the clamps for the hose, with a flat head screwdriver, then close the hose with the clamps, this is to prevent fuel from spraying out in your face.

4)Get an ordinary container, like a glass jar and place it underneath the fuel filter, then unscrew the hose clamps that attach the hose to the filter. When you have loosed the clamps, remove the hose off the fuel filter and let any unnecessary fuel get dumped into the glass jar. Once the fuel filter is free of the hoses, you can then drain any remaining fuel that is inside the fuel filter into the glass jar, if you want to.

5)Next hold the fuel filter, so one of the ends is pointing in the direction towards to glass jar. Get the cleaning solution and attach the small black straw that comes supplied with it. Now inert the straw into the clogged up fuel filter and spray. When you spray, you will notice all the gunk will be removed and transferred into the glass jar.

6)Leave the fuel filter to try, leave it to dry for about 2 hours. Once it has dried out, you can then re-attach the fuel filter were you removed it from.
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  1. Good guide, will give this a go.

  2. What is the cleaning solution? I can clean it, the instructions are very easy to follow but I don't see what the "cleaning solution" consists of. Thanks, Jessy

    1. If you go to walmart or canadian tire, most times theyll have a fuel cleaner or something of the sort, thats the cleaning solution,


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