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How To Magnetize a Screwdriver Bit Tip Quickly

If a screwdriver has a magnetized tip, it can hold a screw in place and prevent the screw from falling off the bit. Some good quality screwdrivers are already magnetized from the factory, however some cheap ones are not. So you can make your non magnetized screwdriver, magnetized, yourself.


1)Get a wire stripper and strip off 1 inch of exposed of the copper core found on each end of the wire.

2)Next, wrap the wire numerous times around the shaft of your screwdriver you want to magnetized.

3)Connect one end of the wire to the negative post on the battery and touch the other end of the wire to the positive post on the 6 volt battery. When you have done this, you may see little sparks being generated, nothing to be worried about.

4)Remove both wires from the posts of the battery, get a screw to test that screwdriver tip is magnetized, it should be.

5)If the screwdriver tip is doesn't seem to have a strong enough magnetism to pick up a screw, repeat the process again.
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