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How To Reset a ECU Unit, Works On all Cars, Including Subaru WRX, Honda Civic and Prelude

From time to time, resetting your car's ecu unit is ideal because it allows the ecu to recalibrate all of its settings; this is so it runs at its maximum efficiency. It also helps the ecu unit get rid of  unwanted "Engine Check Lights" to appear inside the dashboard cluster, which can put people buying your car, if you have put it for sale. Resetting a car ecu is not hard, you don't need to be a advanced mechanic, follow the instructions provided below, they will guide you step by step on what needs to be done to reset the ecu unit.
Instructions on how to clear the ECU unit's memory:

1)Open the hood of the car and then locate the location of the car battery. When you have found the car battery, using a spanner, remove the negative terminal from the battery post. Once it has been disconnected, leave it for 20 minutes and then connect it back onto the battery post and tighten it up with a spanner.
2)Insert the key into the ignition in the first position and leave it in that position for 6 minutes.

3)Start up the vehicle and let the engine idle for 8 minutes.

4)Turn off the engine and turn it back on and go for a quick spin around your block.

5)At this stage, the ecu unit will be reset.
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  1. Does it also reset the odometer?

    1. Not the odometer, just the trip meter. Resetting or messing with the odometer is against the law.

  2. Is it normal after ecu reset for car to idle rough? Anything I can do to make idle better

  3. when you say put the key in the first position, do you mean slide the key in ignition or one click over?


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