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How To Save PS1 Games On a PS3 Console Hard Drive

The ps3 is a very high end and expensive gaming console to own and if you remember good fun games you enjoyed on your old school ps1 console, you can play them once again, but this time on your ps3. This can be achieved because Sony designed the ps3 so it is compatible with psone games and have made users a "Playstation Store", so you can pick your ps1 game and then download it straight to the ps3's hard drive, so you don't need a game disc and a ps1 console, to play them on.


1)Make sure you have a psn account and your ps3 console is connected to a working internet connection. Login into your psn account, once have signed in, then select the "Playstation Store" option located in the "Playstation Network" from the icons displayed in the xmb menu, using your controller.

2)Then select the "Browse Game" option found in the Playstation store main menu. In that option, you will see a list of ps1 games, along with some ps2 games, that can be downloaded onto your ps3 to keep.

3)Browse through the games through the list that is provided by PSN, once you have found a ps1 game you want to play, select the game you want to download, this is by pressing the "X" button on the controller.

4)Then select "Confirm Download", if you have insufficient Playstation points that are require for the ps1 game you picked, if not, you will be prompted to purchase them in order to download the ps1 game. Once you have confirmed and the purchase is successful, the ps3 console will begin to download the ps1 game onto the hard drive, when it is done, you will see the ps1 game, under the "Game" section in the xmb menu interface.
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