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How To Fix a Car Cigarette Lighter That Keeps Blowing a Fuse

A cigarette lighter in a socket is handy to have available in your car, especially if you're a smoker you don't have a lighter and you want to light your cigarette. Also you can remove the cigarette lighter from the socket and use it as a 12v power outlet to charge your mobile phone or sat nav. If the cigarette lighter socket in your car doesn't work, you probably already have replaced its blown out fuse with a new fuse of the same amps. If you notice that every time you start your car and the cigarette lighter fuse keeps blowing, inserting another new fuse is not going to fix this problem, you will just be wasting more and more fuses overtime. The reason why the cigarette lighter socket is blowing out the fuse is because something along its lines is shorting out. The fuse is put in place in the circuitry of the cigarette lighter socket to protect the wiring from melting down and causing an electrical fire.

There are many possible reasons why the car cigarette lighter keeps blowing fuses. It could that the wires that are connected to the rear of the socket could be touching each other. Or if there is broken crud or metal trapped inside the actual socket. Both are possible ways that can cause a short circuit in the wiring.

Method 1: removing the cigarette lighter socket and inspecting the connections

1) With the key in the ignition power off the car. This is because even though the cigarette lighter socket is not working, power could still be running to it.

2) Usually in most cars, the cigarette lighter socket is held in place by two metal clips on each side of the socket onto its plastic housing. You will need to push the clips in to remove the cigarette lighter socket, so get hold of two same size flat head screwdrivers.

3) Remove the ashtray, so you can easily see the two metal clips and insert both flat head screwdrivers into the two metal clip.

4) Then gradually push the screwdrivers inwards and the cigarette lighter socket will pry out of its plastic housing. 

5) Once the cigarette lighter socket is removed, have a good look at the wiring on the back of it. You will find two metal blade connectors that are connected to two wires. These wires provide the 12volts to the cigarette socket. Ensure that both blade connectors are not touching each other and the wires are securely connected to their blade connectors.

Method 2: cleaning the cigarette lighter socket

1) Try cleaning the cigarette lighter socket internally. Get hold of an old toothbrush and a can of WD40 multipurpose lubricant.

2) With the key in the ignition power off the car. This is because even though the cigarette lighter socket is not working, power could still be running to it.

3) Look for any objects that could be trapped inside the cigarette socket, if you find any remove them. Things like foil wrappers or 1ps coins sitting inside the socket can cause a short. Then get your can of WD40 spray, attach the straw that came with it and spray directly into the inside of the cigarette lighter socket.

4) Using the toothbrush, give the cigarette lighter an internal clean. Scrub the toothbrush on the metal contacts you see inside the socket. Keep scrubbing until the color of the metal contacts become clean and dirt free.
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