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How To Make PSP Memory Stick Faster For Games

how to make psp games load faster from memory stick

 If you have flashed custom firmware onto your psp so that you can play back up of your games on the inserted memory stick, you might notice some lagging. This can happen because the CPU inside your psp console has to read and write information from the data storage. The best way to make a PSP memory stick faster for games so there is no lag is by increasing the clock speed on the processor. When the console left the factory, it was down clocked to 222 MHZ when the chip was originally designed for 333 MHZ. Installing custom firmware allows you to increase it back to 333 MHZ getting the full potential out of the consoles CPU. Technically, its like overclocking your psp but you are not going beyond capable clock speed of the chip. A few other top tips are don't use a fake copy brand of a memory card, leave at least 1 GB free and use ISO files instead of compressed laggy CSO files.

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This trick will show you how to make your psp memory stick faster if you have installed custom firmware on your PSP.

1) Flick up the power switch to boot up the psp onto the menu.

2) Press the select button.

3) A small menu called VSH with text will appear onto the homescreen.

4) You will need to change to values. Change both the CPU Clock XMB and CPU Clock Game to exactly 333/166. This is the fastest the processor can handle the increase in the speed, from factory settings that are setup by Sony. You can't overclock higher than this, if you can the device will crash and become unresponsive.
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