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How To Fix Nokia 5310 White Screen Display

nokia 5310 mobile phone

The Nokia 5310 xpressmusic is common to have a white screen problem after the Nokia logo appears on the screen. This can usually be fixed be doing a full firmware flash, basically removing the current software and install a newer existing version. If that doesn't work, then its most likely a hardware fault that is causing the white screen to appear on your Nokia 5310. You will need to replace the screen, they are not that expensive and for around five pounds on ebay you can get the part. Changing the screen on your Nokia 5310 is fairly easy compared to an iphone.

1) Remove the plastic camera part it should clip off.

2) There will be two screws at the top remove them using a small torx screwdriver.

3) The top cover should clip off and remove from the screen.

4) Now you will see four more screw holding the metal plate onto the phone. Remove them all one by one, make sure you don't misplace them.

5) The metal cover will now come off the phone and the circuit board will be in your hands.

6) Remove the ribbon cable clip from the screen that connects into the PCB. Line up your new screen with the phone and clip the new screen into place. All you have to do now is join the phone back up.
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