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How To Connect Computer To LCD Plasma TV With HDMI

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If you have a spare LCD plasma screen TV that has a HDMI connection, you can usually connect your computer or laptop to an external display. Let me explain signals. HDMI is digital and so is DVI, the older VGA style block pin connectors are analog. Now to get your LCD screen technically working with your computer it all depends on what signal your graphics card can provide. If it has either a HDMI or DVI port, then it will work with a HDMI TV. In most cases LCD Plasma tvs also support VGA, so it’s the matter of using a different cable usually.

1) Plug in your HDMI cable into the port on the graphics card.

2) Look at the back of your LCD plasma TV. Next to the socket were the power cord goes into, you should see an HDMI port identical to the one of the graphics card. All you need to do is connect the other end of the HDMI cable into it.

3) Once you have made a connection your setup hardware wise. All you need to do is place your TV into HD mode using the remote control. Then you might need to go into control panel to adjust the screen resolution so that the LCD screen can display the best picture quality.
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