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How To Make Your Plasma TV Cheaper To Run on Electricity

how to make plasma cheaper to run

Newer televisions seem to provide far more efficient electricity composition. If you have an older style plasma TV, you will notice that your electricity bill will be sky high. They are power hungry due to the screen requiring most of the power to operate. This is why TVS these days have switched to OLED as this technology provides just a good picture with half the operating cost. If you still want to keep your old plasma TV, you can still make a few changes to save money on using it. The best thing I like about old plasma televisions is that they are durable and the have good speakers because they have more space inside to add bigger parts. This is why I still wanted to keep mine, but I just could not afford to use it every day, it was worse than my 6.0 mustang. These are my top tips to save electricity using any plasma tv.

Reduce the brightness
The screen is what takes most of the power up. Go into the tvs menu settings and reduce the contrast and brightness to less than half. This will save up to 50% on electricity. It’s a simple and effective trick that I found out on my own tv. It had a power saving mode built inside it and when enabled it reduced the brightness of the screen.

Dont use HD
If you have a 1080p plasma and you are using a HDMI cable, the components inside will be working extra hard to deliver. Using a standard scart cable for normal viewing will also contribute towards saving costs. How I do it is use the scart for watching SKY and using HDMI for gaming because most of the time the tv in my household will be used for watching regular TV programs such as news and movies.

Switch off the TV when not in use
When you are not using your TV its best to turn it off from the mains. Even if you place it in standby mode it will still be consuming electricity. It will also increase the lifespan of the small capacitors on the internal board.

Combining these tips together will make any plasma tv big or small reduce its operating costs. I know how much these types of televisions take in terms of money to run because I have an old 60 inch Samsung TV that is based on plasma technology. I was close to selling it to buy a newer more efficient LED TV because of its expensive operating costs, however with these tips is was able to save some money, so you should as well.
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