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How To Fix a Plasma TV That Wont Turn On

how to fix not working plasma tv

If you have woke up one morning and your plasma TV wont turn on, the first thing you should check is if the plug is switched on. Not everybody is fully alert in the morning and something as silly as not turning on the switch can be the cause to the problem. However, if you have checked the switch, make sure the power cord is plugged firmly into the back of the plasma TV. I say this because anybody could have slightly tripped over it and pulled it slightly from the back, its easy done by kids around the house. If you have checked the basics, including using another plus socket and your plasma TV still fails to turn on, then you will need to carry out technical troubleshooting.

checking bad power caps on the plasma tv powering on problems

The mains reason why most plasma TVs wont turn on is because of weak or dead power capacitors. These are fitted onto the power board inside and can be replaced by anybody with good soldering skills. They cost like 50p each to replace and there are around 5-6, so its certainly cheaper replacing the complete power board and of Couse cheaper than buying a brand new TV. You can tell if you have bad power caps by looking at them. If they look like they are going to burst from the top, that is an obvious sign that they need changing. You don't always need a multimeter to tell.

1) Ensure that there has been no power to your TV within 24 hours. This is because you don't want to handle the power board while there is still charge in the power caps. This won't kill you but it will provide you with a little surprise.

2) Remove the TV from the stand. Place it flat down or standing up depending on what space you have around your home available. Remove all the small screws that are on the rear panel, you may want to use an electrical screwdriver to speed to process up as there are loads on most LG and Samsung TVS.

3) Carefully remove the rear panel, handle slowly it can have sharp edges. Once you have removed it place it outside out of the way.

4) Now that you have done this, located the power board. Use online diagrams to help you find it. Take a picture of it using your phone, this is so you know where the plugs go in case you forgot. Now remove any cables that are plugged into it. There will also be a few more screws hold it in place, so you will need to remove them.

5) Now you have access to the power board, remove all the old caps by desoldering them off the board one by one. Line up your new caps, the same away the old ones were fitted and solder them in. Its as simple as them, recheck all your soldering before you place the repaired power board back into the TV.
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