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How to fix LG cookie with the touch screen not working

Many people who own a LG cookie mobile phone have many problems with the touch screen function not  working properly as it should. Some people may have broken there LG cookie's and caused damage to the LCD screen because it had been dropped on the floor in the past. This can sometimes cause permanent hardware damage to the phone's circuit board, which can be more expensive than the phone's value to repair and fix. In this blog post today, i have some simple solutions that can fix the fault in your LG cookie screen and hopefully fix the problem that prevents it from working.
1)First thing you should try is to update the software on the LG cookie. Anything could go wrong with the phones firmware, such as the files could be corrupted causing the touch screen feature not to work. Old firmware versions can have bugs and old features. Updating to the latest firmware version can add latest features and have all the bugs fixed. If you already updated your firmware to the latest version and you had problems with the touch screen after the update, then i suggest it might be a hardware problem.

2)Try flashing the handset using your computer. Flashing a mobile phone can be really expensive as you will need to buy tools, cables and equipment to flash your phone. You can't use your usb cable to flash this type of LG mobile phone model, but you can try to construct and make your own flashing cable. What flashing does it removes the firmware and reinstall it back, giving the phone a fresh start. In the past i had two LG cookies booked for repairs with the touch screens not responding correctly. I flashed both phones using special flashing tools and yes it fixed the touchscreen function on both phones that i flashed.

3)Changing the LCD touchscreen can solve the problem. Your old LCD screen can be damaged or born faulty from the factory, so try to replace the screen and see what happens. Changing your LCD screen involves opening your phone and is not recommend if you have not worked on phones before!

If you are thinking about changing the LCD screen yourself, here just below are some handy disassembly videos that shows you how you can replace your touch screen yourself.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. I enjoy the video all the way. It was so entertaining and I learned a lot.

  2. My LG flatron monitor have a problem ...when I on my cpu power the monitor totally black..
    Please tell me
    What I do?



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