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How to make your car exhaust loud for free?

Do you want to make you car exhaust more louder but don't want to spend any money to make it loud?
Well you can make it more louder for free!!

How then?
Well there is one common way that most people use to make there car exhaust more louder and raspy without spending a penny.Doing this modification is not a permanent solution to increase engine and exhaust noise but its not bad.So what you have to do is get a cordless or plug in drill with a dill bit and then drill is 7 holes on each side of the car exhaust.I know it does sound strange but it really does work and also makes your exhaust backfire with flames.Now put the key in the ignition start up the car and give it a good rev and  you will notice that you have a similar sound as a de cat exhaust for free.Its a good solution to get some more rumbly noise instead of buying a new exhaust system or back box but you will be know as a ricer.

NOTE:Doing this mod can reduce the life span of your car exhaust so only do it only if your exhaust is going to get replaced soon.

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    Very good! I think that you have done a great job! FANTASTIC!!!!
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